#31 Xande Ribeiro, Gilbert Melendez & Daniel Moraes Interviews

The new 2006 current black belt world champion at the heavyweight division and in the absolute weight class, Xande Ribeiro joins us to discuss his recent successes, including his match against Roger Gracie!

Our second interview is with Gilbert Melendez, the 10-0 Strikeforce lightweight champion who was recently signed to fight in Pride's upcoming event on August 27th!

Finally, we close out with a call to Brazil for a conversation with Daniel Moraes, who some claim illegally slammed Mike Fowler on his head during the 2006 Mundials. We heard Fowler's version of the story on Episode #30, so now we get to hear Moraes' side.

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Just a heads up, our next episode will be delayed a day or two as we'll be taking the show on the road to the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu World Championship in Los Angeles, which runs through Sunday next weekend.

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