#29 Dave Camarillo Interview and the WFA

Episode #29 begins with Dave Camarillo, a black belt from San Jose, California whose tournament highlight videos posted online have left viewers' mouths agape as they watch his quick and acrobatic submissions. Dave blends elite level judo with Brazilian jiu-jitsu and is a feared competitor.

We announce another FightWorks Podcast contest. This contest builds off of last week's episode, #28, when we spoke with Gumby from OnTheMat.com about a new feature on their site called the On The Mat wiki. As we discussed, it's like an online encylopedia of knowledge on everything brazilian jiu-jitsu, everything submission grappling, everything mixed martial arts, and so on, and all the content, is maintained by whoever jumps onto the site, logs in, and adds their two cents. You can go in there and add yourself, details about your instructor, notes about a move, anything. So we'd like to incentivize folks' participation by holding a contest, and here's how it works. The two contestants who go to onthemat.com/wiki and add the most content to the site by July 30th, and sends me a note to caleb AT fightworks DOT net with a list of the things you've added to the wiki will win!

1rst place:

- Urban Gorillaz GC Hoodie - Classic Black from bjj.eu.com!
- Practice Truth Fear Nothing Red or Dead Version T-Shirt from bjj.eu.com!
- DVD from on the mat.com!

2nd place
- Practice Truth Fear Nothing Vintage Blue Version T-Shirt from bjj.eu.com!
- Urban Gorillaz Lanyard from bjj.eu.com!
- DVD from on the mat.com!

Lastly we cover results from the World Fighting Alliance which includes photos from the event, including the fights of Bas Rutten vs. Ruben "Warpath" Villareal, Jason "Mayhem" Miller vs. Lodune Sincaid, and Quentin "Rampage" Jackson vs. Matt "The Law" Lindland!

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