Bonus Video Episode!

FightWorks recently put together this advertisement to gain a little exposure here locally in Northern Virginia. Relson is clearly more adapted to the mats than the video camera.

While we're on the topic of advertising, we were recently approached by a company who was interested in sponsoring our show, The FightWorks Podcast. If you're not familiar with The FightWorks Podcast, it's the world's number one internet radio program on Brazilian jiu-jitsu. We realize there are probably other companies out there who would benefit from the exposure they'd receive by sponsoring our show, so we wanted to get the word out. We've put together a pdf document that describes the show a little more, why one would want to advertise on it, and how little it would cost. We think it's a great deal. Shoot me a note at caleb AT fightworks DOT net and we'll get you a copy.

Ok hang tight, there'll be another great episode of your one stop for all your BJJ and MMA audio news posted here soon!

[FightWorks commercial on SpikeTV]

If you're in Northern Virginia and looking for a place to train, stop by FightWorks!

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