#8 Training BJJ in Rio de Janeiro

ABC couldn't stand the heat...

Emily's Reason's Why Not was pulled off the air last week after The FightWorks Podcast requested the show's producers come on the show here and defend their decision to call Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu "the gayest sport ever".

Score: FightWorks Podcast 1, ABC 0

"The old champion against the new champion"

News breaks that Royce Gracie will fight Matt Hughes in May in a UFC event. We'll give you the details. And what are the chances the UFC legal team sends me a twisted letter for hyping their show by playing part of the interview with Joe Rogan and Royce?

Ever wondered what it's like to train in Brazil?

Our main feature this time around is a chat with fellow FightWorks personality Dan, on what it's like to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the homeland: The Gracie Academy in Humaita, in Rio de Janeiro.

If you're in Northern Virginia and looking for a place to train, stop by FightWorks!

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