#5 Wrestling & BJJ: Do they mix?

What can Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners learn from wrestlers? Let's just say, "a thing or two". In this episode we speak with Mark Cody, head wrestling coach of American University. Why'd we pick Mark to speak with? Well the fact that he's a metro ride away doesn't hurt, but also because Mark mentored current mixed martial artists Matt Lindland and Randy Couture, both some of the biggest names in the sport at the moment.

We also learn who (finally!) won the iPod in the drawing that's been underway here since episode one. Will it be you? And as if that wasn't enough, we're going to announce another give-away!

If you're in Northern Virginia and looking for a place to train, stop by FightWorks!

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Blogger slideyfoot said...

Awesome interview - aside from the little I've seen in the UFC, I don't know much about wrestling (kinda hard to find here in the UK), so this was a great insight. :D

4:59 AM  

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