#12 The Gracie Fighting Championships in Columbus Ohio

Reporting from Columbus OH, this episode includes coverage of last night's night of MMA, and includes play by play coverage of the Brennan vs. Ribeiro and Sims vs. Daniel Gracie fights. If you still can, make sure to check out the pay per view!

Team Hammer House (Captain: Mark Coleman) vs. Team Gracie (Captain: Relson Gracie)

Wes Sims vs. Daniel Gracie: Sims withdraws at the end of Rd. 2
Matt Lindland vs. Fabio Leopoldo: Lindland by Rear Naked Choke in Rd. 3
Mike Pyle vs. Gustavo Machado: Pyle by TKO in Rd. 3 of Rd. 1

Forrest Petz vs. Daniel Moraes: Moraes withdraws at 2:33 of Round 3
Jon Koppenhaver vs. Michael O'Donnell: O'Donnell at 4:02 of Round 2 by armbar
Dustin Hazelett vs. Rhalan Gracie: Hazelett by decision

Chris Brennan vs. Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro: Brennan withdraws in 3:25 of Rd. 2
Dan Bobish vs. Ben Rothwell: Rothwell by TKO 4:20 in Rd. 1

Carter Williams vs. Gary Turner: Turner by referee decision 30-29 (kickboxing)
Steve Conkel vs. Brion Peoples: Conkel by TKO at 1:02 of Round 1
Pat Horner vs. Phil Cardello: Cardello at 4:26 of Round 1 by armbar

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anthony "THE EXECUTIONER" Morgan, is our new champion, after beating Nathaniel "THE JACKHAMMER" Simmons 2 minutes into the 5th round. It was a great fight, the best i have seen in a while. Anthony should change his name to The Iron Body Executioner, Because after hit after hit, Anthony didn't seem to feel it. Although Nathaniel gave up a good fight, after being the GFC champion. I can see why he was, both men have heart, and we look forward to each one of ther next match's. thank you for reading this comment. Sorry we did not put this match in our archives at the top of the page, it will be there soon.

12:09 AM  

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